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Attention geocachers: We are recruiting you for a worldly quest. Legend tells of a rose so radiant that Knights from every realm went seeking it! Go out and claim one of your very own and earn your place among the Templars!

The game is simple: go to a location where a Knight Templar seal has been spotted. If you get there first, you will find a seal tag waiting for you. Please take the tag to keep as your own. Please do not grab more than one tag of each color. Claim the tag online as soon as possible following the instructions on the back so it can be removed from the map. You will then be given instructions how to get a trackable suncatcher geocoin prize that combines with the tag! How cool is that?

There are two kinds of seals: one for dark templars (black nickel) and one for light templars (antique silver). Get them both and become a Templar grand master! These coins and tags are exclusive to this Templar Radiant Knights Quest game.

The hider packs are now sold out: Geoswag

Stay alert - and sign up here - because a Templar seal may appear at any time and anywhere in the world. Join our Facebook Group for game updates and announcements and follow the game on Instagram and Twitter.

Templar Coin

Redemption rules: Strictly one coin of each type per household and family member; please do not grab more than one of each tag. There is no charge for the redemption geocoin, but you are responsible for any shipping charges. As a courtesy to other finders, please claim your tag immediately. Instructions for claiming are on the back of the tag. The geocoin must be claimed by June 30, 2021. FOR QUESTIONS ABOUT REDEMPTION: Support@SnagtheTag